Understanding accounting and financial statement analysis course (2018)


Prios Kompetanse is starting a course on the 5th of april in understanding accounting and financial statement analysis. The class meets at set times in our online solution, so you can attend LIVE lessons from where you want. An important aspect of managing one’s company is to follow up the company’s finances. This requires interpreting data obtained from the accountant and auditor. In this course you will get an introduction on how the management should understand and analyze your company’s accounting. This course makes accounting a tool for the company’s work.

Accounting comprehension for board members deals mainly with the following topics:

The structure of the accounting
Analysis of accounts
Key figures and calculations
Comparative accounting analysis
What is essential for the individual company
The course is included as 1 of 3 modules in Styrekortet®.

The course is presented in a practical manner using examples and discussion about key topics.


More information and registration on e-mail:  post@prios.no