Professional driver course


Professional driver course

Prios Competence starts in week 10 with a course within the occupational profession. The class meets at set times in our online solution, so you can attend LIVE lessons from where you want. The course will prepare and qualify you theoretically to complete the theoretical examination within the occupational profession. The teaching is conducted by skilled teachers who are used to working with adults and adapt the content of the teaching in relation to this. We prepare exam preparation classes at the end of the course period and you will receive 4 previous exam questions on the way along with individual guidance.

Examination is conducted as a private exam in December 2018. All registration for the exam must be done via the internet: between 15 September and 1 October 2018.

Professional driver

Do you have practical experience from the transport industry, but lacking formal competence?

The professional driver’s profession shall lay the foundation for professional practice in the transport of persons and goods. The subject will contribute to professional competence that includes efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and profitable transport services. Furthermore, the subject will help develop professional drivers capable of handling a diverse and demanding traffic image under changing road and road conditions.

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