Practical and strategic management (2018)


Prios Kompetanse is starting a course on the 21st of march in understanding accounting and financial statement analysis. The class meets at set times in our online solution, so you can attend LIVE lessons from where you want. Most board members need to work efficiently when they meet. This requires your own insight. Get an introduction to how the management can work in practice.

This covers:

  1. Work plan
  2. Goal formulation
  3. Strategic work
  4. Budgeting
  5. Process direction
  6. Implementation of management meetings
  7. Follow-up procedures
  8. Management’s requirements for the administration of the company
  9. Practical tools

Besides the practical, the management must handle both the present and future. This requires overview and the ability to prioritize. The management can also be seen as an important part of the company’s network. How to apply this in practice. Through strategic thinking the basis for a desired future can be laid. Profiled chairmen will in this module share side experiences and focus on the opportunities and benefits of having a well-functioning board.

The course counts 1 of 3 modules in Styrekortet®.

The course is presented in a practical manner using examples and discussion about key topics.


Teacher: Economist and accountant Bjørn Bratt

Start date: Week 8

Place: Kunnskapsparken Steinkjer, Jacob Weidemannsgt 9

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